“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.” - Albert Einstein

Frequency Scans are HERE NOW!

Solex Technology with the AO Scanner provides frequencies specifically tuned to address the most important needs of your body first.

The technology uses your voice to provide a detailed report along with 4 tones that will best balance your body and the issues you might be currently facing.

With the tones that you receive, you'll listen to your tones at least one time a day. It's recommended that you listen to your tones three times a day for optimum results.

As your body balances with the tones, updated scans will enable your body to progress with additional balancing tones that best target the needs of your body.

It's recommended that you generate a new frequency scan at least one time a week. It's best to generate a new scan three times a week for maximum results.

What's important to you?

Your health and wellness is the new WEALTH!  See the options of what can assist with your wellness and quality of living!

You Deserve It!

It’s time to TAKE BACK your Health!  You can now have your wellness in the PALM of your HAND!

See the Power of Frequencies

You’ll have the option of purchasing your Personal Device to run scans regularly at the convenience of your own home!  Or you can schedule REGULAR Frequency Scans with a selection of Memberships!

Steps for Your Frequency Scan

Prepare for your first scan with these instructions.

  • Each scan has a personal appointment to review your scan report and frequencies.

  • Schedule an appointment and follow the steps.

  • (A contribution of $59- $99 is requested to cover the appointment time and scan.  Hardship cases will be reviewed if a contribution cannot be provided.  All cases will be considered.  The focus is to help as many clients as possible.)

More about the Technology

To see more about the Frequency Technology, you can learn about powerful tools available and the newest services available.  You can also glimpse at the device options if you decide to purchase a device.  There are 3 steps to purchasing a device and receiving the technology.    


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Vicki Lea


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