Eye Issue:

“Ten years ago, I visited an Eye Doctor to check on an issue in my left eye. After the exam, the Doctor indicated that he could not find anything connected with that area of my eye that would describe what I was noticing.

So, now that I have received a scan, I was completely amazed and relieved to find that my AO Frequency Scan detected an issue in my eye in the exact location of my concern. With the sans, I now receive tones to help with that issue in my eye. I’m glad to know how to work on improving my eye condition with listening to my tones.”

-Tim S.

Aches in Knee & Elbow:

“I’ve had elbow pain for over 15 years. And recently my knee started aching. After running an AO Scan, I saw those 2 areas of my body identified. The scan created tones for the issues. I listened to the tones one time a day (sometimes 2 times a day) for several months. Now I do not have regular aching in my elbow and my knee. When an ache suddenly arises now, I’m able to listen to my tones and subdue the issue. Thank you, AO Scan!”

-Kurt M.

Kidney Stones:

“Kidney Stones are not a laughing matter. I’ve already gone through three kidney stone surgeries. Those surgeries cost approximately $50,000 over the years. The doctor can’t even tell me what is causing the stones, so I’ve been unsure of how to change my habits.

When I received a Frequency Scan, my kidney issue showed up. Unsure of what was causing the kidney stones to develop in my body, I found specialized frequencies to add to my regular tones that could possibly help my kidneys. Within a week of regular 3x a day listening to my tones and extra frequencies, I passed 3 pieces of a stone without effort. Needless to say, my device has more than paid for itself by preventing another severe kidney stone situation.”

-Vicki L.

Moods & Depression:

“I’ve experienced cycles of depression many times in my life. I even have family members who have been so depressed that they committed suicide. Although I’ve never been suicidal, I fully understand the deep and dark place that depression can take someone.

Several times, I’ve been on depression meds in attempt to alleviate the painful depressive thoughts and feelings.”

When the AO Scan was run on me, I saw some of those depressive thoughts show up in the report. Not only did the frequency set of tones work to balance those areas identified but I added some frequencies that targeted my moods and depressed feelings. I listened to those frequencies 3 x a day and am now feeling much more balanced and able to handle more of life’s challenges.”

I recommend this option to anyone dealing with depression.” -Kathie L.

Insect & Spider Bites:

“I react strongly to spider and insect bites. The results of the bites last in my body much longer than the average person. When I was bitten by a spider 3 times on my abdomen, I was hopeful that the scan would help me.

When I ran the next AO Scan, the spider bites showed up on the report. I listened to my tones and additional frequencies to assist with the bites. The itching and swelling stopped a lot quicker than I normally experience. I was able to counteract my body’s typical reaction with the frequencies helping to balance that issue in my body.”

-Mark S.


“I know that I need to detox. I realize that metals, chemicals, pesticides, and more are impacting all of us everyday from the environment, foods, and products. I was happy to see specific frequencies that assist with detoxing my body of these toxins. I use them regularly to help with my health regime.”

-Susan O.

Heart Issues:

“Heart issues run in my family. I was starting to be concerned with various pains in my chest that were becoming more and more common.

My AO Scan showed a couple of issues connected with my heart. The tones indicated that they were working to balance those specifics.

Now that I have listened to my tones daily for 5-6 months, the occasional pains have stopped. Those areas are also cleared on my scan reports as well. I feel that I have dodged further heart issues now that I see my issues dissipating.”

-Amy C.

Motion Sickness:

“I took a journey to a OFF THE GRID location and had quite a bit of motion sickness from the drive. I haven’t experienced this level of nausea in the past and wasn’t quite sure why I felt so bad. When I got home, I tried a few options to help my nausea, but none helped to any real significance. I was extremely stressed that I couldn’t shake the nausea from the events of the day. It was now 8 hours after the journey was over. I decided that I would listen to my set of frequencies and add the SEFI frequencies for Nausea and motion sickness. Within 20 minutes of listening to my frequencies, I felt completely relieved. My nausea and EXTREME negative feelings had subsided. I could now go to sleep and had alleviated the painful experience. THANK YOU AO SCANS!

-Vicki L.

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